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Bystander Training 

Are you looking for ways to influence the culture in your organisation, so that incivility, bullying and other negative behaviours are challenged? Active Bystander training will give your staff the tools to tackle incidents of abuse and discrimination as they arise and to back each other up in challenging inappropriate behaviour.
Being an Active Bystander means being aware when someone's behaviour is inappropriate or threatening – and choosing to challenge it. Bystander intervention training provides the techniques to challenge behaviours constructively and safely.

  • Define sexual harassment and assault
  • Recognise the impacts of sexual harassment and assault
  • Awareness of the barriers to disclosure
  • Explain the bystander effect
  • Define what an ‘active bystander’ is
  • Recognise and challenge rape myth acceptance
  • Gain confidence in ability to intervene, and respond appropriately to harassment and assault
  • Know where to access further support and information


Education / training consultancy length Cost 

rasa online

Online: £35 Per person

rasa person

In person: £750 – £1,000 Group Bookings (Depending on group size)


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