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RASA provides bespoke workshops

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For Professionals

  • Workshops - £350
  • Train the Trainer Packages - £700
    • Course Materials
    • Matching The Material to The Situation
    • Meet People's Needs
    • Handling Delegates' Anxieties
    • Making Learning Exciting
    • Supporting learners

RASA will design a course to meet the needs of the professional group. The workshop material we would typically be asked to deliver will often include:

  • Awareness raising around issues relating to sexual violence
  • Attitudes, Myths, and Truths
  • What is sexual violence?
  • Effects and impact of sexual violence
  • The question of Consent
  • Legal definitions
  • Warning signs
  • Healthy relationships
  • Dealing with disclosures of sexual abuse/violence

The workshop will be led by a facilitator who will invite delegates to challenge their long-standing beliefs and perceptions. Open discussion and debate are encouraged and any of the areas can be further explored and developed as needed.

How to Respond to Disclosures

This training workshop is specifically for services that are looking to support survivors appropriately, gaining an understanding with regards to what sexual violence is, how it impacts the individual and how they may present due to their experiences and best practice with how to respond to any disclosures made. This training has been delivered to various services including Universities, Social Services, NHS and other support services, the training covers the following:

  • What is Sexual Violence
  • The barriers to disclosure
  • Responding to Disclosure
  • Impact of Sexual Violence
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Impact on the worker / Self Care

Bystander Training

  • Define sexual harassment and assault
  • Recognise the impacts of sexual harassment and assault
  • Awareness of the barriers to disclosure
  • Explain the bystander effect
  • Define what an ‘active bystander’ is
  • Recognise and challenge rape myth acceptance
  • Gain confidence in ability to intervene, and respond appropriately to harassment and assault
  • Know where to access further support and information

Sexual Harassement in the Workplace

  • Define sexual harassment
  • Recognise the signs of sexual harassment
  • Recognise the impact of sexual harassment
  • Awareness of barriers to disclosure
  • What to do if you are experiencing sexual harassment
  • How to respond if you witness sexual harassment
  • Know where to access for support and information

Feedback from recent courses:

“Absolutely brilliant training. Very relevant and went beyond my expectations in terms of acquiring new knowledge and understanding about reporting sexual misconduct incidents. Highly recommended”
“Super training day in terms of pace and content, managed in a sensitive and thought-provoking way with interesting use of powerful videos and YouTube content. I enjoyed the breakout rooms that provided ample time to discuss topics with colleagues. I have more knowledge, skills and awareness than I did before the session. Thanks”
“I found the training extremely helpful, well presented and well organised. The training was interspersed with video and discussion which was really useful. Thank you.”

If you are interested or would like more information, please email our training & development manager -

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