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There are many Myths about men being victim/ survivors of Rape and Sexual violence, that have been formed due to misinformation whether this be in the media or social media. This for male’s can make it the reality of being a victim/survivor difficult.

Some of the Myths dispelled.

  • Males cannot be victims of sexual violence – Yes, they can be, irrelevant of age, sexual orientation, appearance.
  • Males cannot be sexually abused by women – The majority of perpetrators are males; but men can be sexually abused by a female.
  • Males are less likely to be affected by sexual violence – Men are just affected by sexual violence as women, men may express differently.
  • A man cannot be Raped - Men can and are Raped.

What is an ISVA? – ISVA is an Independent Sexual Violence advisor

What does an ISVA do? - An ISVA will be there to provide emotional support (around how you’re feeling, coping strategies things like that) and practical support (this may be things like liaising with the police for updates etc.). There are some boundaries to the role of the ISVA. That means that you can’t discuss the specific details of what happened in the incident, because that’s classed as your evidence, but your ISVA can look at things like how you’re feeling and coping and help you work with that.

How often will I have contact with my ISVA? – You and your ISVA will agree how often you have sessions, this can be fortnightly, three weekly or monthly. This can take place at either our Bootle office or Birkenhead office, over the phone, via zoom or text- check-ins.

I am the victim/survivor of Rape or Sexual Violence, but I do not know how to report this or what my options are – It does not matter how long ago the Rape or sexual violence happened you can report this if you want to. We can offer an informed choice where an ISVA will explain how you can report the incident. It is your choice if you want to make a report to the police.

You can find out more about our ISVA service on this page
ISVA Services


We have a large team of counsellors, many of our counsellors are person-centred trained using an integrative based approach, and give you space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. 

All our Counsellors are registered members of the and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) adhere to the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. 

You can find out more about counselling by visiting


Reducing Anxiety and Depression (RAD) Groups: 

Our RADS group is a clinical hypnotherapy group, providing 3 sessions of clinical hypnotherapy, over a 3 week period, working on reducing your symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. 

You will be placed in a male group.

Please note that this is not one to one support, and it is not group therapy, you will not be expected to share your feelings or any details about yourself or your experiences.


What will happen during the sessions? 

During the session you will take part in a guided meditation. This will help you to relax and enter a hypnotic trance. You will be in full control and able to respond to the facilitator at any time.

To refer yourself for support, please visit

HELPLINE - Rape Crisis have a helpline service for men and boys



We are here to help you through this, towards recovery, wellbeing and independence. 

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