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Group Support

RASA Group Support – ‘Taking back control’

This an 8-week group work programme with structured sessions, that involve reflection, discussions, activities and to learn from each other. It will run over 8 consecutive weeks, each session last 2 hours.

Group Work Programme Schedule ‘Taking back control’

Week 1 – Group Contract/ Beliefs, Values and Attitudes/ Attachment

Week 2 – What is Sexual Violence/ What is the impact of Sexual Violence/ Barriers to Disclosure

Week 3 - Shame

Week 4 – Shame & Guilt/ Responses to Trauma/Victim blaming/ Control

Week 5 – Intrusive Thoughts

Week 6 – Relationships/ Intimacy/ Acceptance & Self-compassion

Week 7 – Assertiveness & Resilience

Week 8 – Final reflections

The group is ‘closed’ which means that new members can only join on the first session in order develop and safe and consistent group experience. We will also limit the numbers to a maximum of 14 members at any one time. This is not group counselling – you do not have to share experiences with the group.

Each member of the group agrees to adhere to a contract at the start that sets out the guidelines and expectations for being a member of the group. It’s there to ensure that everyone knows their boundaries and what is expected of them.


Mindfulness Course

This 8-week course is aimed specifically at promoting your overall health and wellbeing. We will teach you some simple but surprisingly effective techniques drawn from the Zen tradition to help you manage your everyday life, deal with stress and pain, improve your concentration and focussing skills, and boost your general health and wellbeing.

This course is suitable if you’re looking for an introduction to mindfulness and meditation, and/or if you’re looking for a way of dealing with stress-related problems, depression, chronic-fatigue, or pain.

The course explores a variety of topics including:

  • Stress and time pressures
  • Physical pain
  • Difficult emotions
  • Taking care of yourself and nurturing our wellbeing
  • Living at an elevated level of function

The meditation and mindfulness techniques that are covered include:

  • Body Scan
  • Counting the breath
  • Following the breath
  • The practice of presence
  • Mindful living

This course will start on Friday 1st April at our Bootle Centre - 10-11.30am with Lorraine Wood.

How to refer to Group Support or Mindfulness Course

You can make a self-referral to our Support groups by calling the office on 0151 558 1801 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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