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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy in which guided relaxation is used to create a state of focused attention, during which positive suggestions and guided imagery are used. Clinical Hypnotherapy provides an effective method of understanding psychological issues and creates changes in behaviour patterns. It is highly effective in treating a number of psychological problems, such as, anxiety, stress, depression.


Reducing Anxiety Depression and Stress
Information about our Clinical Hypnotherapy Course

What to Expect

Our RADS group is a clinical hypnotherapy group, providing 3 sessions of clinical hypnotherapy, over a 3week period, working on reducing your symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.
You will be placed in a male or female group, our groups run on Mondays at either 10 -12 or 1- 3 depending on availability.
Please note that this is not one to one support and it is not group therapy, you will not be expected to share your feelings or any details about yourself or your experiences.
What will happen during the sessions?
During the session you will be asked to sit with your eyes closed and take part in a guided meditation.
This will help you to relax and enter a hypnotic trance.
You will be in full control and able to respond to the facilitator at any time.

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RADS groups have been running since January 2019
85 clients have benefited from the course so far.
100% of clients have recorded a positive change on the PHQ and Gad depression and anxiety measurement tools.
Below are some examples:

Pre GAD Post GAD Pre PHQ Post PHQ
14 06 09 05
16 06 17 12
16 05 09 02
19 10 22 14

Client Feedback:

What is the most significant change you have noticed since attending the group?

“I noticed my social anxiety has decreased and I am using the techniques daily”
“How I deal with my emotions and I feel powerful again”
“I no longer feel I need counselling as I am not experiencing any anxiety”
“There were several changes but the most significant was that I found the emotional strength and self-belief to stand up to someone who is basically a bully”


Should I bring anything with me?

In order to get the best out of the session it is important that you are comfortable.
Please feel free to bring items that may help you to relax and feel comfortable, for example; a pillow or blanket.
It is also recommended that you bring a drink with you as you may feel thirsty following the session.

How to refer to RADS

You can make a self-referral to RADS by calling the office on 0151 558 1801 or email
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