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Does physical activity and movement really help improve mental health?

Well according to research, moving our bodies really does help to boost our mood. Keeping active not only means you burn off stress hormones, but keeping fit with a friend, or being part of a team, helps reduce isolation and can build a sense of belonging. If that isn’t enough, physical activity has been linked to improved sleep, and reduced levels of anxiety and depression.

Campaign to Raise Awareness

To raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, RASA’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisors embarked on 7 hours of exercise, including cardio workouts, yoga, and walking. To date, they have raised over £650 for their amazing efforts. 

Want to start moving more, but not sure where to start?

Set achievable goals. It might be that you start with a 10 minute walk around the block each day, or maybe you could put on some upbeat music to dance around the house to. The important thing is not to be hard on yourself, and just do how much feels right for you. 

Find what feels good for you. Exercise and movement should be fun. If it feels like a chore, the likelihood is that it won’t be enjoyable. Not sure what appeals to you? Try lots of different things and experiment. 

Get outdoors. Fresh air and sunlight are essential to our wellbeing. Outdoor fitness has huge benefits, as not only do we get to move, but there’s also the bonus of getting a daily dose of vitamin D. During the winter months, getting enough vitamin D can be a challenge, and that’s why it is important to try to eat a balanced diet. 

If you have any health conditions, or have not engaged in physical activity for a period of time, it is important to speak to your GP. We recognise that physical activity is not accessible for all people, and if this is the case, listen to your own needs and never push yourself into something that doesn’t feel right for you. 

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