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We want to educate people to STOP victim blaming survivors of sexual abuse and put the blame back where it belongs - WITH THE PERPETRATOR.

So, what is victim blaming?

Victim blaming happens when the focus of a crime turns to the victim’s behaviour rather than the perpetrators. It sends the message that a survivor is to blame for what they have experienced.

Imagine the impact of this.

Self-blame can lead to strong feelings of guilt and shame; two major factors in preventing people from accessing support.

Sexual violence does not happen because of a survivor’s behaviour, personality, or appearance. It happens because a perpetrator has made the choice to abuse someone. 

Perpetrators must take responsibility for their actions. They must be held accountable via the criminal justice system and within our society.

It is our job not only as practitioners but as general members of the public to make change. To allow people to come forward and access support without being shamed. To recognise that it is not okay for people to continue to commit crimes of sexual violence without consequence. 

So every time someone makes a victim blaming comment, they are condoning a perpetrator’s behaviour!

Wondering what you can do to help make change?

The next time you hear someone say, “why were they out so late?” “What were they wearing?” “Were they drunk?” Challenge them!

Ask them why does that matter?

Educate them.

And support us by following our campaign!

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Need help and support?

If you have been subjected to sexual violence and you want to access support you can refer yourself using the online form on this website, or by contacting us on 0151 558 1801.

Let’s make change and stop victim blaming!


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