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Dealing with your emotions & Feelings

It might not be easy to understand your emotions.  Everyone feels differently after experiencing sexual violence.  Try not to worry about how you feel. Whatever it is you are feeling is understandable and it’s a valid response to what has happened to you.  We can help you to work out how you are feeling and come to terms with your emotions.

  • You might feel like you are overwhelmed with emotion
  • You might feel that you are not coping.
  • Normal everyday tasks might feel like a huge effort.
  • You might experience feeling of panic or anxiety
  • You might have trouble sleeping

These are just some of the ways in which you might be impacted, we can help you to alleviate some of these feelings through counselling and support.

Even though all experiences are different there are some common feelings that you may have after experiencing sexual violence. 

Anger: you might be feeling angry, irritable or short-tempered with those close to you.

Blame: you might feel that you are responsible or to blame for what happened

Embarrassment: you might feel embarrassed, humiliated and like you don't want anyone to know.

Fear: you might be afraid of people, of places, or of being on your own.

Loneliness: you might feel isolated and alone, like you're the only person who's ever been through this or like you're different from everyone else.

Numbness: you might feel empty or unable to feel anything. 

Shame: you might feel 'dirty' or ashamed about what's happened.

Worthlessness: you might feel worthless or even like you hate yourself.

It can be difficult to make sense of these feeling we can help you to explore your feelings and understand why you feel the way to do this will help you cope and recover.


We are here to help you through this, towards recovery, wellbeing and independence. 

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