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About Us

RASA Merseyside is a professional counselling and support service that exists solely to improve the mental and physical well-being of individuals impacted by sexual violence at some point in their lives.

RASA aims to create and facilitate a safe place to enable you, as a survivor of sexual violence, to work through personal and sometimes painful issues in relation to your experiences.

Our aim is to empower you to make positive choices in your own life and to help you to begin your journey of healing through counselling and support.  Being in contact with people that understand you, may help you to feel less isolated and more supported in order to take the step to cope and recover.

RASA Merseyside is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace that values and celebrates the unique contributions of every individual. We recognise that racism exists in various forms, and we are dedicated to creating a culture that actively opposes and eradicates racism in all its manifestation.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment free from racism, discrimination, and sexual violence. We recognise the intersectionality of these issues and are dedicated to implementing a comprehensive strategy that addresses both racial inequities and sexual violence.

We will listen without judgement. We will believe you without question. We are here to support you.


Support for all

We work with women, men and children we provide counselling and ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) services.  It is important that you understand that you are in control of your journey and that we will support you on it. 

Getting support can be difficult and you have made a huge step by accessing our website.  Whilst it can be difficult, it can also be life changing.  We can help you to become the person that you want to be and not the person that you think others want you to be or the person you think you should be. 

In order to create a place of safety for our clients we are unable to work with, or any offer any support to, sexual offenders including those under investigation or those that have had allegations made against them.

All our counsellors are members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) we are committed to working ethically and adhering to the BACP Ethical Frame for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.   We are also members of Rape Crisis England and Wales we have achieved the National Service Standards for Sexual Violence Services. 

We are here to help you through this, towards recovery, wellbeing and independence.

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We are here to help you through this, towards recovery, wellbeing and independence. 

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